Are you nuts?
That was a narrow escape! - Он еле спасся!
fair and square - по-честному
to be at a loss - растеряться
a claim to fame - заявка на победу
to rule the roost - править балом
a piece of cake - проще простого
food for thought - пища для ума
to have other fish to fry - иметь дела поважнее
to be in a soup - быть в затруднительном положении
to have a sweet tooth - быть сладкоежкой
a different kettle of fish - совсем другое дело
to have egg on one's face - попасть в глупое положение
to give sb a hand - помочь
She's a bit of all right! - А она ничего!
it is not cricket - это невежливо
to drop the ball on smth - сделать ошибку в чём-то
to take sb for a ride - обмануть
to be a good sport - быть хорошим человеком
(to hit the ceiling / to fly off the handle) - слететь с катушек
to be all airs and graces - сама любезность

Eat your heart out!
Get off my back!
Break a leg!
to be head over heels in [love with]
to have a finger in every pie
to put one's foot in his mouth
to face the music
to split hairs
to give a cold shoulder
to turn one's back on sb
to shoot from the hip
to get down to the (essense / nitty-gritty)
to (be / give sb) a [royal] pain in one's neck
to bear grudge against sb
to pull one's leg
to get good ideas across

Did you catch my drift?
I'm out of my depth.
I'm treading water!
Let's test the water[s]!
to have a go [at smth]